What is energy management? | Economics | Alcorn State University

Effective energy management entails analyzing and lowering the energy consumption of your company. It entails analyzing the areas of your organization where the most energy is used and taking appropriate action. The goals of energy management mentioned by procurement system include:

  • Resource conservation
  • Environmental protection
  • Cost-cutting without losing access to the energy required to keep activities running.

Depending on the industry, several sources of consumption are used. Energy management for manufacturing organizations may involve locating equipment that consumes excessive quantities of energy. So, it could also entail keeping an eye on production waste that causes companies to use more energy than necessary to produce a single well.

For businesses, it could be a location with exorbitant heating costs in comparison to comparable locations nearby.

Being wise with your usage of energy is a key component of energy management. Some of the ways that your office is consuming more energy than is necessary could surprise you. Any office’s energy management team may discover ways to cut energy use, resulting in significant overhead savings for the business.