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Mass Murderers

In the aftermath of mass murders, the news media and members of the public ask questions such as “Why did he do it?” and “Were there any warning signs?”

Consider what you’ve learned this week regarding the sociological, psychological, and biological influences of multiple murderers.

Choose one of the following mass murderers:

Jared Lee Loutner

James Holmes

Seung-Hui Cho

Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold

Based on your choice, create a 4- to 5-page report in Microsoft Word that covers the areas mentioned below :

  • Provide the available information that describes the killer’s background (education, mental issues, criminal history, etc.).
  • Summarize the events surrounding the crime.
  • Identify and analyze which theory or theories best apply to this particular mass murderer. Explain why this theory is correct.
  • Discuss whether the case led to any changes in laws, police procedure, school security, etc.