Week 6 discussion question | Operations Management homework help

Impact of the ACA Provisions – Part 2

Scenario: Read

You are a Compliance Officer in a healthcare organization in the U.S. You have been asked to research the impact of one provision from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) law on your organization. You may use the organization where you currently work, if applicable. If you do not work in healthcare in the U.S., you may use the Cleveland Clinic, which has ample publicly reported data.

Choose Only ONE of the ACA healthcare provisions from the list below:

  • Ensuring Quality of Care
  • Patient Protections
  • Ensuring that Consumers Receive Value for their Dollars
  • Administrative Simplification Requirements
  • Employer Responsibilities

Use the document in this week’s materials, PPACA Section by Section Overview, to read a summary of your chosen regulation. 

Then research the topic in relation to your organization and respond to the prompts below:

  • Name and briefly describe the healthcare organization you are using for this DQ
  • Describe the provision you chose and explain how it impacts the activities of your organization
  • How does your organization comply with this provision?
  • What recommendations do you have for improvement?