Viewing the globe in the present day and 50 years from now

Viewing the Globe in the Present Day and 50 Years from Now

Tasks: It is 50 years since the present day. Consider how the lives of the US factory worker, the Chinese factory owner, and the Kenyan student have changed over the last 50 years. Define the situation in the family of each person. Describe how the each person’s answers to the following four questions would differ from their responses in the present day. To create a picture of your routine and lifestyle, you can refer to textbook readings, references, additional readings or periodicals or newspapers available through the ITT Tech Virtual Library. Even when not specifically assigned to a given week, you may find the “Stakes and Stakeholder” and “International Voices” sections in your textbook helpful in crafting your answer. 1.What do you eat every day? 2.What and where do you usually buy groceries and other household articles? 3.What do you do for entertainment—is it local, global, or both? 4.What is your greatest worry?

Deliverables and Format: Submit your answer in a Microsoft Word document in not more than 1000 words. Font: Arial; 12 point Line Spacing: Double