Value and vision | Human Resource Management homework help

Write a leadership model paper in which you explain and apply the key management concepts 
and principles which have been discussed during the course. You should place yourself in the 
position of President/CEO, Vice President or a business owner in position to make major 
decisions. As part of the introduction, you should identify the name of the business, the nature of 
the products it produces or services it provides. This paper should be 15-20 pages in length, 
double-spaced with a 12 point font. 

Outline for your Leadership Model Paper 

I. Cover Sheet 
II. Table of Contents 
III. Introduction 
IV. Discuss the five parts of your management model with their 3 supporting concepts 
regarding your personal leadership model. 
1. Value and Vision – with 3 concepts and application 
2. Direction and Alignment – with 3 concepts and application 
3. Motivate and Empower – with 3 concepts and application 
4. Learning and Change – with 3 concepts and application 
5. Leading in global and multicultural society – with 3 concepts and application 
V. Summary 
VI. Reference Page