Topic: artificial intelligence | Computer Science homework help


This is the guideline for your individual research paper assignment. The topic of your research is Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the context of computer science.

Please review the Wikipedia link below as a starting point for the topic. (Do not use Wikipedia as a reference in your paper.)

You are to research the topic of Artificial Intelligence concepts. You should conduct your research on this topic by reading published articles, publications, white papers, thesis, books, and/or case studies.  

Write up your findings in MS Word document that:

  • describe the principles behind the field of AI;
  • what are some of the technologies that is fueling the rapid development and advancement of AI;
  • what breakthrough has occurred in the field of AI in the last 5 years (reference case, specific application, or any real world examples);
  • what challenges remain in the field of AI for researcher/scientists;
  • and how AI has and/or will impact your major of study (reference a source to support your opinion)
     Your final paper should include the following:
  • Paper should be at least 4 pages in length (double or single space is up to you – quality of the writeup is more important than quantity of words)
  • Paper should use In-Text Citation to References, and include List of References at the end of the paper following the APA format (see the following link for guideline)
  • Paper should reference at least 4 sources used in your research, and at least 3 of the sources must be from printed publications. Online version of a printed/published article/paper can be referenced as non-web based content, however make sure you reference it as its original published source  
  • Your paper should be informative (as if you are teaching someone who does not understand the field of AI), professional and presentable to any audience