The challenges of poverty | Social Science homework help

250 words


Use your Applied Human Behavior in the Social Environment text to read the following:

  • Chapter 19, “Poverty and Class Influences on Human Behavior.”      
    • This chapter discusses factors that contribute to poverty;  defines situational and generational poverty; lists some anti-poverty  programs that have been successful; and discusses the link between  poverty and mental illness under two theories—social drift theory and  social causation theory.

Use the Internet to view the following:

  • Amoeba Films. (Producer). (2014). Habitat 2014: Dr. Ruby K. Payne [Video] | Transcript. Retrieved from      
    • Dr. Payne is a national speaker who has developed an  understanding of poverty and how it impacts generations. She shares her  ideas of how communities can help people out of poverty through  education and relationships.

After completing the unit readings and watching the Habitat 2014: Dr. Ruby K. Payne video,  list three areas where the text agrees with Dr. Payne, and three areas  where the text differs. Comment on which side you choose to support and  explain why. Substantiate your position with at least one journal  article; use the Capella library to search for relevant articles.

Your post should convey your analysis of the text versus Dr.  Payne’s perspective, the position you support, and explanation as to  why, and include references to literature to substantiate your position.