Short paper | Social Science homework help

Choose one of these topics.


1. Euthanasia; A right or a tragedy?

2. Death Penalty; Yes, No, Sometimes?

3. Abortion: Women’s rights or better alternatives? 

4. Animal Rights: Should we care? How much?


Guidelines. Each will be 700-1,000 words.


The grading rubric for each paper is holistic:


A papers: (90-100) Follow the Paper Guidelines, are strong in grammar, organization, clarity and argumentation, have a clear thesis and an argument or analysis supporting that thesis and are clearly linked to the eResources with some use of at least two citations and quotations. Papers should include at least one paragraph that covers what the other side of the argument would say on this issue. Papers must include at least one paragraph of what the other side would say in this argument.

B papers: (80-89) Lack some of the qualities of A papers but are still reasonably strong.

C papers: (70-79) Lack a good number of the qualities of A papers, and are solid but not strong.

D papers: (60-69) Lack enough of the qualities of this paper that they are below acceptable college standards.

F papers: (0-59) Miss the boat entirely or violate plagiarism rules