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corporate Sales Data

This program will have a structure that holds data about each division of a corporation. This structure will have a string object that holds the division’s name, 4 doubles that hold the sales totals for each quarter. The structure will also have two other doubles, one for the annual sales and the other will hold the average of the quarter sales. The program should use four variables (instances) of this structure. Each variable should represent one of the following corporate divisions: East, West, North, South. The user should be asked for the four quarters’ sales figures for each division. Each division’s total and average sales should be calculated and stored in the appropriate member of each structure variable. The output of the program will be all the figures in the structures. Validation: Do not accept negative numbers for any sales figures.

  • Program must have the following functions
    • void DisplayCorpInformation(const Division& east, const Division& west, const Division& north, const Division& south);
    • void FindTotalAndAverageSales(Division& div);
    • void GetDivisionSales(Division& div);
  • The input should look like this screen shot.
  • The output should look like this screen shot.