Revising two papers : argument paper and exploratory paper

You will have to revise two papers and one outline of argumentpaper.


These two papers are about “Technology and how it is impacting communication on ourselves and on the world”


Two papers are graded with comments.


My professor mentions that the topic is still too broad, I hope you can narrow down to a specific thing such as a place or area, perspective or discipline, age of group, specific career, specific issue etc…


Two papers are related, so they are focusing on one issue and one topic, and they should have the same topic as well, and the topic must narrow down, PLEASE discuss the topic with me first!! and then begin the revision.


The Exploratory paper is 3(FULL) – 5 pages long.


The Argument paper is 6(FULL) – 8 pages long.


For the Argument paper, you must complete the online.


Each body paragraphs and conclusion should have a transtion phrase such as First of all, second of all and all in all.


!!!  The works cited page/annotated bibliography does not count in this page count.  !!!

Please make sure that you have the works cited page correctly formatted. There are plenty of documents available. Do not rely on information off the internet to format your works cited page. 


FOLLOW IT for Argument paper

The format of the argument paper is in the folder:  


background paragraph,

three to four reasons to support your thesis,

one opposing paragraph,


works cited page/annotated bibliography.  


The attached files have a framework of both Exploratory paper and Argument paper. Please follow the framework exactly.