Respond to teresa post | Criminal homework help

I do not feel that the criminal justice system have a responsibility to ensure previously incarcerated people get jobs or residents. Almost all of the people that are incarcerated or there because of a crime that they committed that resulted in jail or prison time. These people have assaulted someone, stole from someone, or could have even taken the life 

of someone. I do not feel that they should not be employed but they should not be given special treatment. Breaking the law is a choice, and you have to pay for your mistakes or whatever it was that caused you to break law. I do know that a lot of people love to say that they did not have a choice but I do not believe that because there are a lot of people who grew up with a hard life and they did not break the law to survive and of course everyone situation is different however hard times are hard times no matter what shape or form it takes on your life. I do not feel that people who choose to break the law should be given special treatment because they have made liffe harder for themselves.

Identify two posts by your peers that you might disagree with and respond to them. For each of your two peer responses, be sure to:

  • Include an explanation of why you disagree with their initial post (Use respectful language to politely disagree.)
  • Include at least three questions to get more information about your peer’s initial post and further their thinking on the topic