Research proposal (computer science) | Computer Science homework help


For the Research Proposal, you will write a research-oriented proposal in current APA format. The paper must include at least 5 scholarly references in addition to the course textbook, must also include biblical integration, and be at least 1,200 words (not including the title or reference pages).

As this is a research proposal as opposed to a typical research paper, students will need to propose at least two research designs needed to test the efficacy of the information system they are designing in this class. Students will focus their proposed research designs around a hypothetical organization where their proposed information systems will be implemented. The fundamental question to be answered is how will an organization know that their design is effective? For example, how can the organization prove the new system is more efficient, faster, or higher quality for their users than the previous system?

Students will need to support their particular type of research design with at least 5 scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles and thoroughly outline their research methodology for testing their hypotheses. 

The outline of this proposal should include at least the following sections:

1. Introduction (statement of the problem, research questions, hypotheses, and key terms)

2. Brief Review of Literature

3. Research Method (variables used, measurement methodology, statistical techniques)

4. Conclusion

Grading Rubric is attached. Please make sure to check grading rubric.