Question week (module)-4 submit a draft of your it project report

Now we are in week or module 4, Please check the below attached picture for clear understanding module 4 shows (Section 1) : Project design or plan. So you need to work on module 4 Project design this week.  Below is the discussion I have submitted this week so based on that work on week 4 Project design.


My discussion : My project is to develop a Disaster Management Website. This website will be disseminating information regarding an occurred disaster and informing the general public.


Project TimeLine


Project Phase 

Key Milestones & Tasks involved 

Timeline (Course Week)


Analysis Phase 

This phase included all the requirements gathering and ensuring that all the prototypes if any on paper are ready with all the functional and technological requirements outlines.


Week 4:


Design Phase 

This would require that the design in terms of all the databases, web layouts, User data structures etc. involved are ready for the implementation of the same to be carried out 


Week 5:


Implementation Phase – I

 This would ensure that all the design phase handovers like database design, web layouts, etc. are developed and kept ready for integration with other components. Also all the hosting and server requirements are to be kept ready. 


Week 6 & Week 7:


Implementation Phase – II


 This is the integration phase where all the individual systems come together to create a seamless end user experience. This will ensure that all the project components are integrated and ready to be tested out. 


Week 8:


Testing & ValidationThis is the phase where all the components of the project will be tested against the initial goals and if they meet all the functional requirements that were set. This phase will ensure that the end system is clean and ready for external user to be able to experience. 


Week 9:


Project Documentation & Report 

Project Report which is concise but covers all aspects of the project with enough light on various project components is what I would like to target and achieve. I will try and ensure to put up a good project report. 


Week 10:

KEY RISKS1. Strict implementation of timelines is key to eliminate the risk of backlogs of each week. If care is not taken, it might become tough to achieve the project within the timelines.

2. Unknown bugs at the database or server side might be considered as risks to the implementation phase.

3. Resources is another thing which should be planned in advance as each phase will require its own set of resources and timely availability will ensure the smooth completion of the phase. Else, it can become a substantial risk to meet the timelines.