Professional development slide | Education homework help

 Create a 10-15 slide digital presentation for the professional development  session you have outlined in Topic 1. The presentation should serve to inform and work with teachers on making data-driven, student-centered, instructional decisions based on state and district academic standards.

Your presentation should include the following:

  • At least 2-3 learning objectives to be mastered by teachers during the PD.
  • Agenda for the session that includes time allocations for each agenda item.
  • Activities aligned to the school vision and mission that are descriptive enough so each activity can be visualized.
  • Techniques for incorporating state and district standards into content-based learning materials and strategies, while still maintaining quality, engaging instruction.  
  • Accountability plan to ensure that participants make data-driven, student-centered instructional decisions and implement in their classroom what was presented in the session.
  • Incorporate Gagné’s 9 Events of Instruction into your presentation and describe how you have done so in the presenter’s notes.
  • Title slide, presenter’s notes, and reference slide.

Support the content of your presentation and research in making curricular and instructional decisions with at least 3-5 scholarly resources.

In addition, create an evaluation to hand out at the end of the PD. 

Include 5-6 questions with at least one open-ended item. 

Submit your digital presentation and evaluation as one deliverable.