Personal employment packet | English homework help

Personal Employment Packet (100 points)

The goal of this assignment is to construct job application materials in response to a job announcement of your choice. You may research a job that you are interested in obtaining in the near future or after you graduate college. You will have to provide a link to the job announcement (please be sure that anybody can access the link and not just people who can sign in to a particular job search engine) or you can provide a PDF or image of the announcement.  You will not earn credit for the resume nor the cover letter if you do not provide a job announcement. This packet will help you construct materials and build skills that will be necessary when applying for a position.

For tips on resumes, cover letters and interview skills see “How Do I Prepare for My Job Search?”

The packet includes two (2) parts:

  1. Resume (50 points)1 page (maximum) can be Reverse Chronological or Functional format (see Technical Communications for examples). Your resume must include the following:
    1. Your name and contact information at the top
    2. Work experience (if applicable)
    3. Volunteer experience (if applicable)
    4. Education
    5. Computer proficiency
    6. Professional skills
    7. Objective (optional)


Due Date: Sunday, November 22 by 11:59pm 


  1. Cover Letter (50 points)1 page (maximum) in length in proper business letter format (see Technical Communications for letter format. Also see “Sample Cover Letter” on Moodle.) Your letter will include the following:
    1. Heading with your name and contact information
    2. Name of contact person and address of company
    3. Date
    4. Greeting
    5. Express the position for which you are applying
    6. Where you learned about the position
    7. Why you would be a good candidate for the position
    8. Any specific, pertinent experience or education that would demonstrate how you fit the company’s needs
    9. Building trust statement
    10. Closing