Performance review elloboration | Information Systems homework help


1. Objective title: Efficiency

Description: Volume of tasks/transactions processed Or Value of Portfolio

Data Source – Prompt, SLAs (cascade from global engagement or specific to team/country)

Definition – All tasks/transactions completed

Target Metrics – All SLAs met

Measure – # transaction processed / # transaction target

My bullet points: As a Technology Consultant, I am working efficiently and completing my tasks on daily basis. Parallelly customer is satisfied with my efficiency work. 

2. Objective title: Effectiveness (Accuracy)

Description: Accuracy of tasks/transactions processed Or Value of Portfolio

Data Source – Prompt, SLAs (cascade from global engagement or specific to team/country)

My bullet points:  As a Technology Consultant, I effectively walk through all the Data model tables & fields In Rapid Response and proposed / Discussed the effective solution to the customers living in Globally for IBMCloud/ GM / Thermo Fisher projects.

3. Objective title: Effectiveness (Timeliness)

Description: Timeliness of tasks/transaction processed Or Value of Portfolio

Data Source – Prompt, SLAs (cascade from global engagement or specific to team/country)

My bullet points: As a Kinaxis Technology consultant, I have delivered work ahead of schedule and never forget any details and able to manage multiple responsibilities. This year I have demonstrated my ability to take on new projects while also meeting my day-to-day goals.

4. Objective title: Controls

Description: -Documentation and Control Compliance

-Financial Management

-Attrition Management

Data Source – Error logs and process documentation

Definition – All error logs and documentation supporting the process updated efficiently and effectively

Target Metrics – # of document maintained efficiently and effectively

Measure – # document efficiently and effectively maintained / # total target document

My bullet points: As a Technology Consultant, I efficiently and effectively document all the RR log errors and update the document on daily basis. During day to day data validation, If I encounter any errors I used to log those errors and communicate with the customer on daily basis. I used to let the customer know when the error has been raised and same way I used to give them the dead lines to close those all action items.

During Data discovery workshops I Used to walkthrough the Data model concepts and document all the necessary information that customer needs. Document will be updated on daily basis and uploaded in the Customer share point folder.

Parallelly I used to document the RR Delivery schedule tracker that shows all the Demand & Supply files and customer can view the notes of the files/ Expected delivery date / Frequency of the data files scheduled for DU etc..

5. Objective title: Value

Description: Continuous Improvements/Innovation

Data Source – Iportal


-Propose and execute technology innovation and process improvements, submit in Iportal and drive for completion

-Adoption of Frictionless Finance

Target Metrics:

-# of projects completed

-Meeting the competitiveness targets


-# projects completed / # projects target – At least 3 frictionless finance projects

-# of new technology/innovations introduced

My bullet points: Please fill the comments 

6. Objective title: Value

Description: -Customer Satisfaction

-People Management

Data Source – OTACE (CSS) or client feedback


-Increase client satisfaction (25% of this KPI)

-Engagement/Client Specific additions to align to client KPI and specific engagement requirements (75% of this KPI)

Target Metrics:

-Achieve 4 OTACE rating or Previous year rating +0.2 (5pt scale)

-Engagement specific target

-# Client value projects completed – 2% of the revenue


-# escalations or positive feedback / target

-# of KPIs improved for the client

My bullet points: As a Technology Consultant, I have worked in the IBM / GM/ Thermo Fisher projects, so far the requirements we collected and the data inputs we gave to the business users were driven very smoothly without any miscommunication. we tried to understand the customer business and letting them know if they are any gaps in their business system and taking them in the right directions. From the data Integration perspective, I am making the customer to understand how the Rapid Response works with integrating their source data and telling them what each field does in Rapid Response. Customers were happy using the RR system and appreciated me personally in every calls / Meetings. Parallelly Kinaxis is also happy with my work and recognized me as a key person in their projects.

7. Objective title: Self Development

Description: Target Metrics:

-50hrs training

-Improvement against competency gaps

-Completion of mandatory courses

My bullet points: Completed the level 1 certifications (Admin, Author/ Contributor/ Integration/ Specialized badges), and learning new modules as much as possible to ensure the project completion can be accelerated by knowledge gained.