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3 pages, single space

Topic= Persuasive paper on how a particular law influences the conduct of business.  Choose one law.  Examples:

(a) The Americans with Disabilities Act imposes unfair burdens on businesses to comply with or the ADA helps promote a diverse workforce.

(b) The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act disadvantages American companies operating overseas or helps prevents against a tainted marketplace.

(c) Tort reform should be uniform in all states to lower the cost of liability to companies.

(d) The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) should/should not restrict certain types of products from being advertised.

(e) The US Tax system, using a high tax rate and worldwide taxation, puts US corporations at a competitive disadvantage with lower taxed countries.

(f) SEC disclosure requirements on publicly traded companies (ie Sarbannes-Oxley) is a necessary correction to corrupt practices or an overreach of government regulation.

(g) Bankruptcy laws are good/bad for business.