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Implementing Strategy

For this Critical Thinking Assignment, you have been asked by IKEA to make a suggestion for an organizational chart that IKEA can consider to better support its international strategy. Let’s assume that some top IKEA executives like and want to keep the current structure. (See: 

for this structure.) However, recently there has been pressure from a few IKEA leaders to consider that the company must become more innovative in its approach to global expansion.

To complete the new proposed organization structure, review the IKEA case study from Chapter 8 of your textbook. Then review some additional information about IKEA on the internet. Also, review the organizational design elements in this week’s module lecture. Make sure you fully understand the concepts presented in Chapter 9 of the textbook.

Decide what you think would be the best organizational structure for IKEA at this point in time, based on the strategy implementation concepts presented in this course. Be aware that you will need to substantiate your recommended organizational structure changes, or justify your recommendation to keep the current structure.

Then use the internet to find a free software program that can be used to develop an organizational chart (or you may choose to develop the organizational chart in Word).

Include the following elements in a well-written paper:

  • Introduce the thesis of your paper (what you will be presenting).
  • Introduce your organizational chart(s).
  • Discuss and explain how you determined that this structure should be implemented by IKEA.
  • End with a summary statement of the highlights of your paper.

Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:

  • Be 3-4 pages in length, which does not include the required title page or reference page, which are never a part of the content minimum requirements.
  • Use APA style guidelines.
  • Support your submission with course material concepts, principles, and theories from the textbook and at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles( recently published articles) unless the assignment calls for more.
  • In citation need to use the hanging format where second, third lines are indented 7 spaces (please pay attention to this point it affect the grading score ( see the attachement for how to set-up reference page.
  • Expand more on your thoughts. Supportive sources, recently published articles.

Required readings 

  • Chapter 9 (“Execution” section) in Foundations of Strategy.
  • Chu, V., Girdhar, A., & Sood, R. (2013). Business Today22(15), 92-96.
  • Radomska, J. (2014). Problems of Management in the 21st Century, 9(3), 213-222.