My life philosophy: positive living & resiliency paper

well-articulated life philosophy that reflects your positive and negative life events and describes how they have affected you,

Include at least 10 photos of you at different developmental levels and label each photo with a caption (be sure to identify yourself), the date, and event.  Photos of you at important events in your life or with people you care about may be a good way to select photos for inclusion. These may be photos that depict your significant positive or negative life events, or they may be photos of you at other meaningful moments in your life.  If you can find pictures on the Internet or from magazines or other media that represent what your 3 life dreams look like to you, then include them, too.  If you have these, you will have a total of 13 photos.  You may include more than 13.  Ten photos (minus the dreams pictures) are the minimum required number.