Marketing portfolio gc&e | Marketing homework help

 You will need to choose a consumer product from the Canadian marketplace list, discuss your choice with your instructor to get approval.  Specifically:

1. Research and analyze at least 4 internal factors. Cite your sources.    

2. Research and analyze at least 3 factors. Explain for each of the factors you have selected the positive or negative implications the external environmental factor could have on your chosen product’s marketing plan. Ensure that you explain why? Cite your sources   

3. Complete a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis using a bullet point, table format.  DO NOT USE  MARKETING SITES’ FOR THE SWOT SUCH AS or Bhasin!!!!

4. Finally, summarize your findings and provide recommendations (GOALS using the SMART criteria) as to what you plan to do to alter your current marketing plan to address this implication. 

5. Review the competitive environment for your chosen product. 

6. From a Global Citizenship and Equity(GC&E) perspective: identify (in your own words) 1) how your product’s firm has supported environmentalism/sustainability, and 2) has supported social responsibility at the national or global level. Please provide supporting documentation/sources  (20 marks)

7. Overall professionalism and presentation of the assignment including cover page, bibliography including citation (APA), spelling/grammar.