Marketing plan assignment for module 4



The Market: Collaborators
In this section, you should explain all of the key partnerships you will have to get your offering to the consumer. This should include those who help you source, distribute, market, and sell the product or service.

The Strategy: The Offering

This section is where you describe how your offering’s features and benefits will meet the need of the consumer, making it a successful investment (see Module 4’s Optional Resources for a link to several examples of features vs. benefits). Provide pricing and details behind how you calculated the price.


Hi Class, 

In this module, you’re analyzing your favorite product or service and how it is branded. I wanted to send along a few additional articles that may help you better understand branding. Make sure when suggesting a branding improvement that it is specifically related to branding in one of these ways.

A Better Way to Name a Brand

The Colors of Branding

50 insanely creative and stunning packaging designs