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In the game of Nim, you have three piles of five stones. During each turn, each player can remove any number of stones from a single pile (a player cannot take stones from more than one pile). The player who removes the last stone from all of the heaps wins.

Here is a sample game:

Pile A Pile B Pile C Action
5 5 5 Game starts
2 5 5 Alice removes 3 stones from Pile A
2 5 0 Bob removes 5 stones from Pile C
2 1 0 Alice removes 4 stones from Pile B
2 0 0 Bob removes 1 stone from Pile B
2 0 0 Alice removes 2 stones from Pile A and wins!

Create a version of the game of Nim that you can play against the computer. Use a JavaScript prompt() to prompt the user to select a pile and number of stones to remove from the pile. For example, if the user enters a3 then you should remove 3 stones from Pile A. If the user enters c5 then 5 stones should be removed from Pile C.

The computer should make smart decisions. For example, if the computer can win in a turn then the computer should make the winning move. 

Draw the current state of the piles after each turn.  Use console.log() to draw the piles:

    Pile A: ooooo
    Pile B: ooo
    Pile C: ooooo