Investigate findings on malware | Computer Science homework help


Your manager is particularly concerned about the malware you recently discovered on campus systems due to a large number of recent attacks. S/he has asked you to research the malware and/or Trojans found, their placement, and the data included with them, with the goal of understanding their capabilities and the risk they present.

Required Resources

  • Access to the Internet
  • Text sheet: Malware Infection Details (ts_malwaredetails)
  • Text sheet: AVG Whole Computer Scan Results (ts_avgscan)


Refer to the data generated by an AVG computer scan in the text sheet. Using what you have learned in class, research the items detected during the computer scan and write a report for Aim Higher College management. Include a non-technical overview of the problems identified by the scan for management review with recommendations on actions to be taken by the information technology (IT) staff, information security analysts, and end users. Explain the role of management, and what communications, technologies, and processes should be created, used, or reviewed.

Based on the AVG scan data, explain the likely target or intent of each type of detected malware, including its capabilities and uses, in your analysis. You will explain these in the context of the environment and the threat it poses. Finally, you will suggest detection methods and means of protection against the malware. Your report must have the following essential elements:

  • Best security practices
  • Awareness training
  • Technical, administrative, and physical security controls
  • Format: Microsoft Word (or compatible)
  • Font: Arial, 10-point
  • Line Spacing: Double
  • Length: 1 to 2 pages