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Provide at least one complete paragraph response to each of the following ten questions as appropriate. Detailed examples should be included in all answers.

1. Define and discuss the top three primary agents of political socialization in order of significance. Provide specific examples of these your own life if you can.

2. How does the U.S. compare to other democracies in terms of voting turnout? In you answer be sure to list and explain the three factors (in order of significance) that correlate with one’s likelihood of voting.

3.With reference to the Media, define the terms sensationalism, and infotainment. Discuss how these ideas play out in the news we watch on television and social media. Be sure to provide detailed examples. 

4. Discuss in detail the current impact of  television, radio, newspapers, and social media in informing the American people with news. In your answer, discuss how these media differ in impact on the baby boom and millennial generations.

5.Define and discuss the concepts of party realignment and dealignment. Identify and discuss one realigning election in American history. With reference to realignment and dealignment,  how would you characterize the state of party alignment today? Explain.View keyboard shortcuts

6.Define and explain the significance of each of the following:

Primary Election Party Platform Party Identification

7. Carefully discuss how the Electoral College works. Detail every stage and discuss the basic mathematics. In terms of electoral strategy, what are red states, blue states, and swing states? 

8. With reference to the lecture on public opinion, provide three attributes of a reliable public opinion survey and comment on why each is important.

9.Define the term ideology. What are the basic differences between liberals and conservatives in America? In your answer provide issue positions for each and provide an example of a prominent liberal and conservative politician. 

10.What is a lobbyist? What are two sources of influence lobbyists use when calling on governmental officials? 

Provide an example of each of the following: Public Sector Interest Group, Single Issue Interest Group, Economic Interest Group