Hrm 595 week 5 discussions & assignment negotiation skills

HRM 595 Week 5 Discussions & Assignment Negotiation Skills

Week 5

Week 5 DQ 1

Communication, Bias, Managing Difficulties & Individual Approaches

You Just Don’t Understand (Graded)

What are the major perceptual errors? Why do they occur? What are some cognitive biases, and what can we do to manage them in the negotiation process?

What steps can we take to improve communication between the parties in negotiation, and what are some fatal mistakes to avoid?

Provide examples from your own experience and from your answers to the “Communication Competence” questionnaire. 

Week 5 DQ 2

Communication, Bias, Managing Difficulties & Individual Approaches

Impasse- What Happened? (Graded)

We’re at an impasse. What led us to this statement?

If I get angry, can I get even?

If I don’t get angry, how can I just walk away from the negotiation?

If I don’t walk away, how do we break the impasse? Should I issue an ultimatum? 

Why are some people so difficult? Should I try to bring a difficult person to his/her senses, or to his/her knees?

Use examples from personal or business experience or from outside reading. 

Week 5 Assignment:

HRM 595 Week 5 HW Assignment; Capital Mortgage Insurance Corporation