Group | English homework help

Group 2, it’s your turn. 

Thus, for this particular thread, if your last name begins with the letters L-Z,  please locate and post an advertisement that will help us analyze how racial difference(s) and/or masculinities are represented in contemporary advertising. You have lots of choices this week!

Note:  It’s a-okay to select ads that aren’t particularly intersectional.  They make for useful critiques!

After you find your ad, tell us what reading you want us to use to frame our discussion/analysis.  Briefly tell us where you found the ad and who you think is its target audience.  (Context matters!)

  • bell hooks’ “Eating the Other:  Desire and Resistance”
  • Susan Alexandar, “Stylish Hard Bodies:  Branded Masculinity in Men’s Health Magazine”

You are welcome to pose a specific question OR simply ask your peers how the article and its key terms lend insight (or challenge?) the advertisement.    Responders, I expect you to engage extensively with the text and the key terms to inform your analysis/opinion.  You must use two (2) key terms or specific concepts from the required text to frame your analysis.

People who post first have dibs on what article they want to discuss.  All articles need to be used at some point.  We will clearly have repeats on articles so if you post later in the week, please select an ad that takes the discussion in a different direction.

Please note that posting an ad DOES NOT count as a post– everyone will have to engage extensively with at least two (2) different images/discussions on this thread. 

Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you find!