Global islam | Social Science homework help

Please write a paper that is eight pages long double spaced. In the paper please write an explicit and concise opinion on the following questions: how its misunderstood in the world

What is New to you? What is Astonishing, Revealing or Surprising to you? What is Shocking or Unacceptable about Islam to you? What is new about Islam to you? Where are the strengths and weaknesses in Islam and Islamic civilization? And what is right and what is wrong in Islam and about Islam? Is Islam in conflict with other faiths traditions? If yes, how? Is Islam more progressive than other faiths? or is Islam less progressive than other faiths? Provided that you know enough about other faiths….Or is Islam fundamentally different? Will there ever be reconciliation between peoples of all faiths? Is Mohammad comparable to Jesus or Abraham, Moses or even the Buddha? Provided that you enough about them.