Gay marriage | Social Science homework help

Freedom to Marry

       Same-sex marriage is marriage between two people of the same biological sex which is against the law in the majority of countries worldwide.This controversial issue has been discussed heatedly by people all over the world.Legal recognition of same-sex marriage or the possibility to perform a same-sex marriage is sometimes referred to as marriage equality or equal marriage, particularly by supporters. In the view of supporters, they believe that every individuals deserve to have the same and equal right.On the other hand, the objectors insist that same-sex marriage should not be allowed for the reasons such as against nature law.



-What is gay marriage? Give the brief definition and explanation of gay marriage.

-Give the background information of gay marriage in term of demographics, biology aspect, Psychology aspectreligion, as well as living condition.

-Thesis statement indicate that gay marriage is a conflict theory which should be defined fully and analyzed from two different aspects.

Body paragraphs:

-Define what kind of people support gay marriages while others not.

-Giving supporting details of both sides(the reasons which were given by the supporters and the objectors.)

-Analysis the identity and psychology of those people on both sides( what makes them support or against gay marriage)

-Giving one the real example that I have seen in my personal life as one of the supporting detail.

-Discuss the reason that gay marriage is legal in certain countries or states here in USA.(Giving reliable data and resource)

-Discuss how government view gay marriage in USA


-Conclude all details and information above.(the opinons of supporters, objectors, as well as government)

-Make reasonable speculation for the future for gay marriage.(combine personal opinion with academic resource)