Family interview with identified exceptionality child

The purpose of the Family Interview Project is for you to apply course content related to communication and interaction processes to better understand a family that includes a child with an exceptionality. More specifically, this project allows you to demonstrate your ability to understand, effectively communicate, collaborate, and empower a family.
PREPARING THE INTERVIEW:1. First, you will identify a family with a member who has and child with an identified exceptionality. Once you identify a family to work with, you will need to meet briefly with them to explain the purpose of your assignment and have them complete a consent form.2. At this initial meeting, you should also schedule the time and date for a collaborative conference/interview with the family.3. Prepare the specific questions (about 10) that you plan to ask your subject, but do not feel that you need to limit yourself to those questions.4. Once the parent/guardian begins to talk about a topic, you should use a flexible interview procedure.5. Following up with additional questions and asking for elaboration. Use follow up questions such as,?” “Please, tell me more about that,” or “Would you explain that?” 
CONDUCTING THE INTERVIEW:1. You need to indicate to the interviewee that his/her name will not be revealed under any circumstances and that you will maintain the confidentiality of the information provided. Indicate that in your report and/or class discussion you will use a pseudonym name. 2. Obtain basic background information on your subject: age, gender, and ethnicity, place of birth, family composition, spouse or partner’s ethnicity, home language, additional languages, and basic socio-economic information (education and occupation).3. Keep the interview time within 40 to 50 minutes and take careful notes of the responses obtained.
WRITING THE INTERVIEW REPORT (90 points):Please include the following sections in your report.  Each section must be clearly labeledIntroduction: (10 pts)This brief paragraph should explain the purpose of the interview.Methods: (20 pts)Participant. 

  • Use pseudonym
  • Present background information


  • Setting
  • Degree of privacy
  • Length of interview
  • Respondent’s behavior
  • Any problems with the procedure

Results: (40 pts)Based on your interview, describe the experience,/feelings of parent/guardian and school collaboration. Provide examples that are relevant to what you’ve learned from course readings and class discussions. You must relate your summary to information obtained from course readings. Conclusion: (10 pts)Include a brief concluding paragraph describing what you learned about family and school collaboration as a result of the interview.Format: (10 pts)The interview report should be at least 4-5 pages in length (12 point font, double spaced and 1” margins).  This length does not include a cover page or the reference page. Please, use proper APA 7th format