Exp19_access_ch01_ml1 – home loans 1.0


Exp19_Access_Ch01_ML1 – Home Loans 1.0


An independent real estate firm that  specializes in home sales needs to create a database in which to store  its records. In the following project, you will open a database  containing information about the properties the real estate firm has  listed. You will work with a table in which to store agent information,  and then sort the table. You create a relationship between two tables  and enforce referential integrity. You also apply filters, sort a table,  and save the results.

Start   Access. Open the downloaded Access file named   Exp19_Access_Ch01_ML1_Home_Loans.accdb. Grader has automatically added your last name to   the beginning of the filename.

Open the Agents table in   Datasheet view, and add the following records letting Access assign the   AgentID number:

FirstName   LastName Title
Guillaume Picard Broker
   Keith Martin Agent
   Usa-chan Yang Agent
   Steven Dougherty Agent   in Training
   Rajesh Khanna Agent in Training
   Juan Rosario President

Sort the Age nts table by the LastName field in   ascending order.

Apply a selection filter so that   everyone with a title other than Agent   in Training displays. Save the changes to the table design and close the   Agents table.

Open the Properties table in   Design View. Change the data type for the specified fields as follows:

Field Name    Data   Type
   DateListed   Date/Time
   ListPrice   Currency
   SqFeet Number
   Beds Number
   Baths Number
   AgentID Number

Save the changes to the design   of the table. Access will alert you  that some of the data in the table may be   lost due to changing the  data type of the fields listed above. Click Yes then view the table in Datasheet   View.

Sort the records in the   Properties table by the ListPrice field from largest to smallest.

Use Filter by Form to create a   filter that will identify all properties with a list price less than $300,000 and with 2 beds. Apply the filter and   preview the filtered table. Close the table and save the changes.

Close all database objects.   Close the database and then exit Access. Submit the database as directed.