English discussion 9 | Biology homework help

INITIAL POST (due 10/31):

In Atwood’s “Death by Landscape,” Lois surrounds herself with landscape paintings because she finds something in them that “fills her with a wordless unease” (para. 5). Your job in this discussion is to help us see some of these landscapes and consider what Lois finds in them. 

  • Find a landscape painting by one of the artists in the story and post it here. Select a painting you think would have been owned by Lois. Save the image on your computer and use the “Embed Image” button (mountain icon above) to embed the image in your post.
  • Explain why you chose the painting. What about it would have captivated/haunted Lois? From a psychoanalytic perspective, what purpose do the paintings serve?

Length: Half a page (about 125 words)Respond in a structured, focused response. This isn’t a free-write in which you just jot down thoughts. Write clear, grammatical sentences, in coherent paragraphs, and use an appropriate tone. Your response should show that you are familiar with the texts. Do not offer a long summary or background information unless it is related to the question. 

RESPONSE POST (due 11/1):

Respond to at least one classmate’s post with a thoughtful comment. You are not limited to praise or agreement. If something needs to be pointed out, do it in a polite but clear way. Avoid irrelevant comments; focus on the texts and the classmate’s ideas. Avoid vague comments like “I agree” or “Good work.”