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· In this week’s discussion, you will consider the audience for your e-Portfolio including future decision makers who can affect your career.

After reading information on the PAIBOC method (see Module 2  LO 2-1, 2-2. 2-3. 2-4)  respond to the following questions. Be sure to reference a point from this week’s readings (cite in-text and in an APA formatted reference).

First, post a link to your published Google Site. Of course, this will not yet be complete, but your instructor wants to see progress in creating a homepage and subpages, if not more.

Then, analyze your e-Portfolio using the PAIBOC model. Use the guiding questions to craft your response. Be sure to comment on each of the areas.

  1. Purpose – What is your purpose of your e-Portfolio as you perceive it? How or where might you use it beyond this class?
  2. Audience – Who is your intended audience? Bear in mind, your professor and colleagues are not the intended audience here. Who may see it? What do you hope they notice?  Remember, your expected audience will influence such things as your writing style and vocabulary. 
  3. Information – What is the most pertinent information your e-Portfolio should convey? What do you want people to notice first? What information do you plan on including down the line?
  4. Benefits – How will this benefit your perceived audience? How might you benefit? How might a move towards e-Portfolios benefit your field?
  5. Objections – What might someone object to on your e-Portfolio? How would you mitigate that? What objections might people have to e-Portfolios? What objections did you have to overcome, or what objections are you still overcoming?
  6. Context – What is the context for this e-Portfolio in your life? Will the link appear on resumes? Will you put a link to it on your business card? Might you use a QR Code to lead to it? What do you see being the context for e-Portfolios in the future for your career?

While no specific word count is required, this is a upper level class, and you are expected to provide full, meaningful responses. If you are unsure about answers to these questions, do some informal research. Be sure to quote and cite (both in-text and parenthetically) any research you use, including your book. Citations should be in APA format. This includes citations of sample portfolios you discuss.