Discussion post/case study help | Management homework help

Read Case Study 8.1 attached from the Northouse textbook (pgs. 181-183) and answer the four (4) questions listed at the end of the case. Ensure that you review the Case Analysis – Discussion Forum Grading Rubric.

(1) Initial discussion post must Include a minimum of 150 words per question. Since you are required to respond to four (4) questions, your initial post should be no less than 600 words. Your answers should reflect an understanding of how the class materials (textbooks, videos, etc.) apply to the questions. 

(2) Your entire initial post must contain at least (1) textbook reference AND (1) external source. APA guidelines apply.


The case is attached. I am unable to upload the textbook but I can send in a separate email with the case on page 181-183.

The Videos are attached as well. 

The Questions should be stated and then answered in a numerical format.