Discussion 1 oppression, psychology, resilience, and social work

Please write a discussion post consisting of at least 250 words addressing any of the following questions that spark your interest in each section:

Section 1: An Interactional Approach to Helping (choose 1 or more to discuss in this section):
1.  What do you see as the main differences between the medical model and the interactional model in professional social work practice?
2.  Discuss your thoughts on the therapeutic alliance.  Why or why isn’t it important in professional practice?
3.  What does the text mean when it discusses the personal and the professional selves?

Section 2: Oppression Psychology, Resilience, and Social Work Practice (choose 1 or both to discuss in this section):
4.  Why do social workers need to be aware of oppression for professional practice?
5.  What are the implications of resiliency theory for social work practice?

Please respond to two of your classmates in at least 250 words.