Csci 1130 | Computer Science homework help

CSci 1130

Assignment 9


 Submit your .java source code and any necessary supporting files (such as icons), uploading to D2L at: Assessments / Dropbox


For this assignment, you need to come up with an idea by creating a program (may be a Tic Tac Toe game, java quiz, …). You can create separate games and put them under a menu that asks user to chose.

Your score depends on several tasks. 

Program is adequately documented (3% each):

1. Name of program, author, purpose/description, date, any special instructions for user about compiling and running.

2. Throughout the code, comments and/or relevant component names should attempt to make the program understandable.  Demonstrate your understanding.

3. Explain use of access modifiers (public, private, …) for your methods and variables.

4. Labels for tasks 7 through 30 as you code them (for example:  // task #5 ).

5. Indicate where at least one case of “encapsulation” occurs and explain what it means to your program.

Compiling / Running:


Your assignment program reads from or writes to a file things like: reports, errors, exceptions.