Ceo compensation and pay | Operations Management homework help

powerpoint presentation on 

Research, prepare and deliver a 30min class session on new developments on CEO Compensation History and Practices 

Your Presentation should…. 

• Set context among classical issues and ideas (i.e., how it relates to what we have covered in class) 

• Last approximately 30 minutes including Q&A, exercises, etc. 

• …briefly discuss the origins of topic area 

• …include at least three sources/references, including an original academic journal article 

• …include your interpretation/belief, and justification for your belief 

• …include an application where you allow your classmates to apply the concepts/methods that you introduced to a specific situation  (i.e., include an in-class hands-on exercise applying acquired knowledge and producing an assessable output that you will collect (graded or P/NP)