Business ethics | Marketing homework help

Please refer to the attached file to answer these questions:


1-How does PepsiCo balance those stakeholders such as consumers and shareholders that are 

interested in good tasting products and financial performance with special-interest groups 

and regulators that are more concerned about nutrition? 

2. How effective do you think PepsiCo has been in responding to stakeholder concerns about nutrition and sustainability? 

3- Do you think it is logical for PepsiCo to partner with nutrition and water conservation nonprofit group since it reveived heavy criticism for unhealthy products and wasteful water practices?

 4- What are your thoughts on the management style and leadership for each company’s CEO and or Board of Directors?  What would you modify?  Discuss.




5. If you were ask to create or revise an ethics audit program for each company, what would you suggest for each company?  {Two suggestions for each company.}




Note: Your suggestions sohuld be tailored to the information you have read in the cases; do not just list any broad response catagory.



6. Explain and Justify your selections.