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Unit 7.1 db: psychological disorders

 Choose a psychological disorder from the DSM-V. Summarize the symptoms of the disorder. What type of therapy do you believe would be the most successful in treating this type of disorder?  Support your opinion with research evidence. Locate a current events or recent journal article on the disorder and share the key points (findings) with […]

Discussion 4 | Statistics homework help

 Stating the null and alternative hypotheses correctly is crucial to using data to answer research questions. Stating it in words and using statistical notation is also vital to make sure everyone is clear on what needs to be tested in order to answer the research question. But is there only one correct way to state […]

Instructions this assignment will help students understand interface

   Instructions This  assignment will help students understand interface implementation as a  crucial software engineering component. You will implement the given  interface in JAVA. Overall interface coding This assignment requires you  to write the Utilities211Code.java class which implements the  Utilities211Interface.java interface shown below. After you have written  the code for the Utilities211Code.java program, you will […]

Read description (foundations) | Sociology homework help

******MUST READ ALL BEFORE ACCEPTING**** 1. Read Directions and Watch 4 min video in order to answer writing prompt Video Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhMOUomHd7Y 2. Remember this course is for School Counseling 3. Additional Resource: https://www.schoolcounselor.org/Standards-Positions/Position-Statements/ASCA-Position-Statements/The-School-Counselor-and-Students-with-Disabilitie Directions: Respond to the following prompts, in approximately one paragraph, in the discussion forum by Wednesday:  Reflect – what actions are […]

Networking trends paper | Information Systems homework help

Networking Trends Paper:  The CTO and CIO are tired of reading and want to be updated on the latest (past three years) network design and/or network management trends. They do not want to be overburdened with a report that looks like a novel. To this end, you must select three current networking and/or network management […]

Research analysis feb 28 | Literature homework help

Topic : What have researchers learned about poverty in the Pakistan. Choose 4 research articles and do objective summary and compare & contrast Requirements:  15 pts, Cover/Title Page  70 pts, Objective Summary: W(5) H(1) — YOU MUST PUT THIS IN YOUR OWN WORDS (Check your similarity BEFORE you submit)  15 pts, References Page (you will only […]

Assignment thread | Management homework help

Financial Management Budgeting Information    This week you will be creating a 3-part budget, where you identify and plan the meeting of your financial needs at the following stages of your life: 1) meeting current needs 2) meeting financial needs 10 years out 3) meeting financial needs at retirement and beyond