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Week 5 Project

Assignment: Final Project

The Final Project that you started in Week 1 is due by Day 7 of this week. Please be sure your project meets the specified criteria before submitting it.

Over the previous four weeks, you read articles about a chosen global issue that prompted you to expand your perspective on that issue. This approach has encouraged you to turn inside out assumptions about an idea or issue. For your Final Project, you will write more about how these varied perspectives affect your ideas about globalization and the many changes that accompany this huge concept.

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To prepare for the Final Project, you will do the following:

•Gather the essays you have selected as directed in the Final Project Milestones. You should have: 

oTwo essays that address the same issue from two different perspectives (Week 2 Final Project Milestone). 

oTwo essays that represent your thinking on your chosen global issue (Week 3 Final Project Milestone).

oTwo essays from outside sources that represent your global issue from different perspectives (Week 4 Final Project Milestone). 

The assignment:

•Write a 4- to 5-page first-person narrative essay modeled on the essays featured in the Muller text. Organize your essay as described below: 

In the Introduction: 

•Provide your concept of the meaning of globalization from before you began this course.

•Provide your current definition of globalization and your definition of what qualifies as a “global issue.”

•State the global issue you have chosen and why you chose that particular issue.

In the Main Body:

•Analyze each essay that you read by detailing how the perspective offered by each changed or affected your thinking about your chosen global issue.

In the Conclusion:

•Describe how your reading and writing during this course helped you to see how your particular issue might be connected to the concerns of your classmates. How might this awareness change your future behaviors?