Acc/543 week2 apply: signature assignment: net present value and


  1. For this assignment, refer to the scenario located in “Problems – Series A” section 10-19A of Ch. 10, “Planning for Capital Investments” of Fundamental Managerial Accounting Concepts. This scenario puts you at task as a Senior Accountant for Donovan Enterprises to identify the preferred method and best investment opportunity for the company.

    Read the scenario in the textbook and complete the activity below.

    Use Excel®—showing all work and formulas—to compute the following:

******** Problem 10-19A This is the scenario BELOW******

Dwight Donovan, the president of the Donovan Enterprise, is considering 2 investment opportunities.  Because of limited resources, he will be able to only invest in one of them.  Project A is to purchase a machine that will enable factory automation; the machine is expected to have a useful life of four years and no savage value.  Project B supports a training program that will improve the skills of employees operating the current equipment.  Initial cash expenditures for Project A are $400,000 and for Project B are $160,000.  The annual expected cash inflows are $126,000 for Project A and $52,800 for Project B. Both investments are expected to provide cash flow benefits for the next 4 years.  Donovan’s Enterprise desired rate of return is 8 percent.

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