#8 powerpoint presentation transnational organized crime-terrorism | CJUS 810 – Transnational Organized Crime | Liberty University



Potential linkages in transnational organized crime and terrorism are a concern. This concern may be particularly relevant in terms of global security and homeland security in the United States. Using the construct explained above, prepare a post/paper and PowerPoint analyzing the potential transnational organized crime – terrorism nexus and the effect on global security as well as homeland security in the United States. 

Your challenge will be to hone and narrow your PowerPoint through a good thesis statement to fall within the length constraints provided. The Bible perspectives must be included and the references, thesis statement in introduction must be in your research, abstract, key words, and a conclusion, plus your slides.

King James Bible. (1970). The Holy Bible. Camden, New Jersey. Thomas Nelson, Inc.

DUE: BY February 26, 2022 by 10 a.m (Eastern Time Zone) in Saturday.