6 page speech paper | Social Science homework help

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT on this paper to read ALL of the instructions VERY thoroughly, including ALL of the attachments. This is a very important paper with a lot of weight. Please make sure and use all original work. 


This is a Literature Review about: The Differences Between Nonverbal Behavior of Men and Women in Relationships. 


Paper must be:

– single spaced

– APA Format

– Intro – 1/2 page minimum

– Body – 5 pages

– Conclusion – 1/2 page minimum

– Paper Length 6 pages, excluding title page and reference pages

– At least 8 sources – With 6 sources from UMUC library

– I want to aim for 12 sources – more sources = better paper

– No plagiarism because it has to be turned into a plagiarism checking website


Need Paper By: Friday Night (48 hours)


I already figured out the best three topics to cover – Kinesics, Vocalics, & Proxemics

I also determined the subtopics that should be discussed for each topic, therefore please follow the outlined structure that I have written on the document


Below: Assignment Directions & Details


  • Introduction Section (uses a compelling attention getter that generates interest in the topic, stresses the importance of the subject matter, defines terms, and includes a clear preview -including the subtopics you will cover) 1/2 page in length
  • Body Section that is well organized with sub-sections of the various important aspects of your topics that are properly cited with in-text citations (use subheadings to organize the body of your paper -each subsection is well supported with several sources) 4 pages in length
  • Conclusion -identifies strengths and weaknesses of the studies that you have reviewed and indicates where the research is headed in the future (provides closure to your paper) 1/2 page in length -be sure to label your conclusion
  • References in proper APA format  (on a separate page entitled “References”)  
  • You may be over the page requirement for each section, but not under.
  • Make sure the vast majority of your literature review is paraphrased (use direct quotations sparingly).  
  • You may site the text, but you still need the additional 8 (minimum) scholarly sources- primarily in the form of current, scholarly journal articles (6 of your 8 sources must be from UMUC’s online library)
  • include an in-text citation for every source found on the references page (4 point deduction for every source found on the reference page that is not cited in the body of the paper with a proper in-text citation)
  • use relevant subheadings to organize your topic and your submission
  • use past tense (their results showed) or present perfect tense (studies have demonstrated) in the literature review.”
  • use the third person and thus I should NOT see the words “I”, “me”, “my”, etc. in your literature review.  Instead you would state “The author…”



Introduction Section:  opening/attention getter that generates interest in the topic, you must stress the importance of the subject matter, define important terms (using scholarly sources in our discipline), and include a clear preview that includes the subtopics you will cover-1/2 page in length (minimum) 


The Body Sectionis well organized with sub-sections of the various important aspects of your topic that are properly cited with in-text citations (uses subheadings to organize the body of your paper).  This section provides organized, integrated, synthesized and analyzed research (primarily, current, scholarly journal articles) on your topic.  The paper should NOT provide one journal summary after another. The paper expands your knowledge of the subject area, clearly demonstrates your vast understanding of the topic to the professor and provides readers with the most current, scholarly research on the topic. – 4 pages in length (minimum) 

Conclusion: provides closure to your paper, addresses both strengths and weaknesses in the literature, and reveals where future research is headed – 1/2 page in length (minimum) – label the conclusion 

Sources/References: provides a minimum of eight current, quality sources which are primarily scholarly journals  -uses diverse sources.   At least six sources are from UMUC’s online library and two from other demonstrably credible sources.  Sources are presented in proper APA citation format.  


I included 2 attachments that have great key points from the UMUC library in regards to this topic! You will see all of the key points and their web source for your convenience! It is important that these key points and facts be incorporated into the paper and their sources cited. I also included a sample paper from the teacher! This will help you to format everything the same way as the example paper.