5 paragraph english essay | English homework help


Driving theme:

Demonstrate in a five paragraph essay what you have learned in this progression by finding evidence of the rhetorical triangle, rhetorical situation, rhetorical package in an Opinion column of The Daily Sundial. (The pleasure principle: why masturbation for women can be an act of feminism) Link for article



Paragraph 1 (introduction)

-Hook     -Context     -Thesis


Paragraphs 2-4 (body)

-Topic Sentence    -examples/evidence    -explain examples    -say why it proves topic sentence           -say why it proves thesis


Paragraph 5 (conclusion)

-Restate thesis     -Summary of essay     -invitation



-point out where in the article the Rhetorical triangle (ethos,pathos,logos) was mentioned

-Form and styles of writing that the author used in her article.. ex narrative, critical, historical (2 examples atleast) see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Essay for more examples.

-Rhetorical situation (text, rhetor, audience)


Manuscript notes: MLA, TNR, 12pt. font, Works Cited and Consulted.

Level of writing: freshman college

i want it done within 6 hours from the deal we make. very importan