Personal trainer | Education homework help

This week you are going to pretend that you are a personal trainer.

A woman named Wendy comes to you for help in designing her training program.  Wendy has been trying to lose weight, tone up, and become more flexible.  Remember, she is a “beginner” so you will need to explain everything she will need to do in good detail, including how many and how often of each thing you give her to do.  (Hint:  ask a professional trainer at a local fitness center for assistance. Online information can often be misleading if you do not know all the facts.)

Here are Wendy’s questions:

1. I would like to tighten & tone my muscles, but not bulk up.  Should I work out with heavy weights and do fewer repetitions OR should I use light weights and do more reps?  Why? (worth 15 points)

2. Is it ok to run every day?  Why or why not?  (worth 15 points)

3. What is the best way for me to warm up before I run?  Provide details…  (worth 20 points)

4. Please create a weekly exercise plan for me so that I can achieve my goals.  Be specific about what and when I need to do everything.  (worth 50 points) 

You may also want to include things such as:

~  Days of the week I should work out and days I should rest (if any).

~  What I should do on each day (run, weights, stretch, etc.)?

~  Is there anything I need to do before and/or after I exercise?

~  How long should I work out each day?

I need as many details as you can provide to help me succeed!