Week 4 – assignment 1&2

Assignment 1:

 Select one of the world’s largest banks as shown in Exhibit 11.1 in the text. Select a bank that no one has yet posted. What unique types of services does this bank provide to the international investor?Based on what you have read this week in the text, do you believe this bank could meet all your needs if you wanted to invest in that country? Why or why not? 

Assignment 2:

 Go to https://www.bloomberg.com/markets/rates-bonds and review the “Americas 10 Year Government Bond Yields” section. What is the 10 year rate on a 10 Year US Bond? Then select a bond that is not an Americas bond.  What is the yield on that bond? Should you pay more or less for that foreign bond in US Dollars? Describe in 200 – 300 words why you chose that bond and your calculations supporting your answer. 

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