“software dependability and security”———-“software reliability

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“Software Dependability and Security” Please respond to the following:


  1. From the e-Activity, describe at least two unique instances where system security has been compromised in the corporate sector. As part of your response, explain how effective software engineering practice could have mitigated these failures.






  1. Specify security functional and nonfunctional requirements that you would define to mitigate the security threats in your selected scenarios.



    “Type I and Type II Virtualization Choices and Differentiating Between Virtual Disk Formats and Applicable Environments”  Please respond to the following:


    1-Compare and contrast at least two (2) similarities and two (2) differences between Type I and Type II virtualizations. Using your comparison, choose either a Type I or Type II virtualization and determine a specific networking scenario in which your virtualization choice would be more viable than using the other. Provide an explanation to support your rationale.


    2-From the e-Activity and the textbook, give an example of a business scenario for which a dynamic disk image type would be most appropriate. Determine one (1) advantage and one (1) disadvantage of using a dynamic image type and one (1) advantage and one (1) disadvantage to using a fixed hard disk image type. Then, give an example of a business networking scenario for which a differencing hard disk image type would be best. Provide justifications to support your rationale.







“Software Reliability and Risk” Please respond to the following:

1-Describe how the reliability metrics of a system that monitors patients in a hospital intensive care unit and an automated vending machine control system might differ in terms of dependability, availability, reliability, safety, and security.





2. Provide an example of how you would test the reliability of each software system class using your reliability metrics.