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1.Decision Support Systems are the heart of business intelligence applications and are used by key personnel to help facilitate business strategy especially in times of uncertainty and change.  Consider an organization that has been in the news lately and the business environment pressures they recently experienced.  For this discussion board, please complete the following:

  • Describe the pressures experienced by the company.
  • Describe how the organization responded to those pressures.
  • If you were the key decision maker of this company, what operational areas or periodic measures would you consider monitoring to ensure that your responses are effective and proper.

The video below goes through a hypothetical situation where an airline company must decide which customers will be accommodated when there is limited airline seating.  The BSI team considers several factors by linking different database information systems


2.Business Intelligence technology and processes are constantly changing.  It’s important to stay current on new software, techniques, and innovative ways of converting data into meaningful information.

  • Find a recent online article related to a business intelligence topic.
  • In your own words write a summary of the article.
  • As you write your summary consider how your article relates to topics covered in the textbooks, videos, and presentations.  

Suggested Websites for articles:

Business Intelligence  – is the place for BI decision makers to access the most current and highest quality BI content aggregated from across the web.

CIO Magazine – CIO Magazine serves Chief Information Officers (CIOs), other IT leaders, as well as ecosystem that surrounds and interacts with them. 

Information Week – Information Week is a periodical that concentrates on areas related to Strategic CIO, Software, Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, Security, Infrastructure, Government, and Healthcare.

Information Management  – Information Management contains the latest news, commentary, and features content serving the information technology and business community.


The following video gives an overview of data warehouses including the ETL process. link:

3. Find at least three online demos of Sentiment Analysis software.

Find at least three different movie reviews where the user also includes a score.  For example customer movie reviews on Amazon and Netflix use a 5 star rating system.  Copy and paste the text into the sentiment analysis demonstration software and compare the Positive/Negitive score from the sentiment analysis with the customer’s star rating.

  • In your post give an evaluation of each of the sentiment analysis applications.
  • In your opinion, which of the applications that you tested was the most accurate?
  • What are the limitations of sentiment analysis applications?
  • Given an example of how a company can use sentiment analysis.

Online examples of Sentiment Analysis demos:

  • Stanford University Sentiment Analysis 
    • This website provides a live demo for predicting the sentiment of movie reviews.  This deep learning model buids up a representation of whole sentences based on the sentence structure.  It computes the sentiment based on how words compose the meaning of longer phases.
  • Text Processing – Sentiment Analysis 
    • This sentiment analysis demonstration uses the Python programming language using NLTK to perform text classification.  It can tell you whether it thinks the text you enter expresses positive sentiment, negative sentiment, or neutral.
  • Lexalytics 
    • This demonstration is provided by Lexalytics.  Their software is used for social media monitoring, reputation management, and voice of the customer programs.  

4. Discuss the advantages of Hadoop technology and distributed data file systems.

  • How is an Hadoop Distributed File System different from a Relational Database system?
  • What organizational issues are best solved using Hadoop technology?  Give examples of the type of data they will analyze.
  • What companies currently use Hadoopo related technologies.


This video provides a comparison of Hadoop and Big Data processing and SQL used over a Relational Database.


5. Describe what is meant by the “Internet of Things”.

  • What industries are most likely to use Internet of Things technology?
  • What are the challenges of Internet of Things?


Bare with the audio of this TED talk.  It improves after the first two minutes.  Dr. John Barrett describes how over time most everything will be connected to the Internet.