God, humanity, and human dignity. response 2 | ethics

2. What is the Christian concept of the imago Dei? How might it be important to health care, and why is it relevant? 

Student Answer:   Chiamaka Ezeh Re: Topic 2 DQ 1

What is the Christian concept of the imago Dei?

The concept of Imago Dei is the biblical Christian belief that man was made in the image of God. The image in question is not physical features or appearance but from his character, form, and uniqueness. God is a triune God which means that he is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Man, also is a triune being, made of spirit, soul, and body. The character of God is love, compassion, kindness, peace, forgiveness, power, authority, holiness, and righteousness, so God created man to imitate these characters and to treat each other with love and kindness.

Also, just like God oversees heaven, he wants man to take charge of the earth. White (2020).

How might it be important to health care, and why is it relevant?

Viewing individuals in the image of God makes it easy for us to show compassion, empathy, and respect to others knowing that whatsoever we do to the least of our brothers, that we do onto God himself. This is important because it promotes human-to-human connection and dignity. Mark (2017).

It also teaches us to treat the sick and dying with dignity and respect leading to positive outcomes.

Finally, it makes us view human life as the most valuable thing in the world. All healthcare workers should adopt this ideology, knowing that each life is significant, meaningful, deserving of respect, love, and kindness.


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