Edu 599 week 3 assignment 1 | EDU 599 Education Capstone | Strayer University

This week you will select an educational issue to focus on for the rest of the course. The issue will be appropriate to your chosen track, either K–12 or adult education. For this assignment, you will research the issue, explain how it is related to diversity, describe how ethics can be applied to your chosen topic, and explore how it can be addressed through learning.


Part 1. Issue Selection

a following these instructions:Address each item in 3–5 sentences.

  1. Select a current issue related to education that would you like to research. Refer to your previous research at the U.S. Department of Education, the American Association of University Professors, and/or the Association for Talent Development. In addition, review the Week 2 discussion of issues. Provide enough information to show that the issue is relevant to education and your program track.
  2. Explain how the topic of diversity is connected to your educational issue.
  3. Review a set of ethical guidelines that is appropriate for your area of education. You can select from the following or research another source: 
    1. The National Education Association: Code of Ethics for Educators.
    2. The Society for Human Resource Management: Code of Ethics.
    3. Training Industry: Addressing Ethics in Training.
    4. Academy of Human Resource Development: Standards on Ethics and Integrity.
  4. Identify 3–5 ethical standards that apply to addressing the educational issue you have selected. Explain how the ethical standards apply to the issue you have selected. Cite the source of the code of ethics.
Part 2. Sentence Outline

Create a sentence outline for the that you will write for the Week 5 assignment.

  1. Explain the issue you have chosen.
  2. Explain how the issue is connected to diversity.
  3. Explain how ethical standards relate to an issue in education.
  4. Describe problems related to the issue and how they might be addressed through learning.
  5. List 3 sources to support your writing. Choose sources that are credible, relevant, appropriate, and no more than 5 years old.