This is a nursing projet about the concept the box is the case


NSG 110 Case Study for Concept Map #1

Mr. RC. Is an 81-year old who is admitted from the hospital to your long- term care facility. He was in the hospital for pneumonia. His wife of 55 years has decided she is unable to care for him at home. Mrs. RC states “He has gotten too weak for me to care for him. I’m afraid he will fall and hurt himself. I’m not well myself and I’m too weak to continue to bathe, dress and feed him. He is so forgetful. I’m afraid he’s going to burn the house down. I hope I’m doing the best thing for him.”

You complete your assessment and these are your findings. Oriented to self and wife only. Cannot tell you the day, time or state he lives in. VS 97.6o F, heart rate is 72 and regular, respirations are 20, blood pressure is 146/84, SPO2 is 96% on room air. Can follow only very simple commands. He can walk holding on to the hand rails in the hallway, but gait is unsteady. 

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